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Documenti del concorso - IT
Competition docs - EN
The competition in brief
  • ABC | LIVING SPACES 2020/21 is an International competition of architecture and design ideas open to students and professionals who can participate individually or in groups.

  • The competition is digital and all its phases are online, from registration to the award ceremony.

  • The proposals are evaluated by a Jury of high profile made up of international professionals and academics from the Architecture, Interior Design, Design and Real Estate fields and by experts in the BIM field.

What to design
  • Competitors are asked to submit a proposal for a (furnished) residential living space or hotel living space with a wide freedom on the kind of solution chosen:

  • The residential living space can be an apartment in an apartment building, a single or multi-family house, a villa, a tree house, on stilts, on water, a prefabricated house, a cabin or a cottage, etc.
    • minimum size 38sqm - maximum size 150sqm

  • The hotel living space can be a hotel or residence room, a bungalow, etc.
    • minimum size 17sqm - maximum size 65sqm

  • The reference site is open: the Living Space can be located in a large metropolis or a small village, in an alpine context or in an equatorial forest or on an island. East, west, north, south, cold, hot, dry, wet: no strings attached.

What is rewarded
  • The Jury will reward those creative proposals that offer functional, welcoming and pleasant housing solutions and that allow to carry out remote working, distance learning, physical activities, sanitization of people, animals and objects, sanitary isolation, etc. (even by reconfiguration).

  • The most interesting furnishing and design elements specifically designed for the use in this Competition are rewarded.

  • The winners of the Best Residential Design, Best Hospitality Design and Best Design Object Awards will be announced and published internationally in specialized magazines in the Architecture, Interiors and Design sectors. In addition, the winners will participate as Experts in the Jury of the ABC competition of 2022 and will receive a technological acknowledgment from our Partner LG HI-MACS.


Best Residential Design
Best Hospitality Design
Best Design Object
  • The submission, according to the framework of Building Information Modeling, consists of one or more IFC files containing the 3D model of the living space and the reference context (the building that contains the Living space and its immediate surroundings). Furthermore, images and / or videos originating directly from the model and possibly reworked in post-production are requested. Finally, a short Design Report with a presentation of the proposal.

  • Registrations for the competition are open and the registration fee is € 50.

  • The submissions of the entries will end by midnight on 30 November, 2021 and the winners will be announced during the month of December 2021.

What software should I use
  • The submission includes a 3D model IFC. IFC is an open and software independent file format used for design.

  • Most of the architectural and interior design software (Allplan, Archicad, Blender, Edificious, Microstation, Openbuildings, Revit, Rhino, Sketchup, VectorWorks, etc.) can export directly or through plug-ins in IFC.