Dare una presentazione
  • Overview of the competition (IT - EN)

  • Press conference of 12 June 2019 (IT - EN coming soon)

Educazione Libri bookshelfs
Documents of the competition
  • Guidelines of the Competition (IT - EN)

  • Competition Rules (IT - EN)

  • Technical Annexes (IT - EN)

Veduta aerea di un Drone
Files and Media of the competition
  • Image of the site (Immagine sito)

  • Photos from the site and from the surroundings (foto area + presa foto area)

  • Future extension of Line 5 of the Milan Underground (Tracciato MM5)

  • DXF file of the site (Planimetria area)

  • Video from a drone

  • Historical and urbanistic description of Monza  (Wikipedia) IT - EN

Modello 3MX_w.jpg
3D site model from drone scanning