ABC | LIVING SPACES 2020/21 is an international competition of architecture and interior design ideas in the time of the Covid-19.

Proposed by ABC - The Architecture BIM Competition, organizer of ABC | MONZA 2019, the Competition’s subject is the rethinking of our Living Spaces to make them resilient towards the Coronavirus and other possible viral invaders. The object of the proposals is the architectural and interior design of a residential living space or a hotel living space. Through targeted technical and organizational choices, this space must guarantee the functions necessary to face a pandemic both in safety, in comfort and style.


The submissions that best solve the theme through functional, pleasing and innovative architectural and interior design solutions are rewarded.

The most interesting furnishing and design objects specifically designed for the Competition are also rewarded.

Why a competition on Living Spaces with the Covid-19 in the background?

Coronavirus had a significant impact on the social and coexistence habits of us all, forcing people to change their relationship with the environments in which they spend their daily lives.

Our residential Living Spaces, the places of work, study, leisure and those dedicated to physical activities, usually distinct and distant, have given way to hybrid living environments. These new iterations of our homes, with the passing of the Lockdown days have seen the flourishing of niches and corners dedicated to functions otherwise performed outside the home and often in community.

Smart working and Distance learning are two widely shared examples of functions that have suddenly populated our homes. In the same way, the need of spaces for physical activity which, mens sana in corpore sano, has a strong influence on mental well-being has also become urgent during the Lockdown.

By the way, the Coronavirus has pushed us to rediscover the value of space. Having plenty of it in a organized form, maybe even for those sanitizing activities that require separation of environments, is a wealth. A concept, often overlooked in recent times for the availability of mini and micro apartments in the "cool" central areas of the cities, which has been brought back by an exceptional medical emergency. An emergency that however could become customary.

This and more emerges from the debates that today cross the world of architecture, construction and the real estate sector where the evolution of living spaces in the coming years is discussed and investigated.

It therefore becomes imperative to deepen the discussion and open a confrontation on what the architectural, interior design and design solutions could actually make our Living spaces eclectic, comfortable, safe and functional in a situation of total or partial Lockdown.


With this in mind we have created ABC | LIVING SPACES 2020/21 as an initiative that can allow professionals and students interested in the topic to compare their ideas with those of their peers through the evaluation of a Jury of recognized international professionals.

And last but not least, to be able to share and promote the best projects emerging from the competition to the international public.